Arogya Foundation of India &Chip-in Project

 The Arogya Foundation of India has received a grant from Chip-in project to create awareness among the villagers for hygiene and cleanliness.

The project was submitted in January 2015 to the donors and it was given a sanction there after. The project was proposed to get started on 15th March 2015.But it was launched a week earlier though it was difficult due to the festival holidays but the team managed it to launch on 8th March 2015 on occasion of  Women’s day .

We are giving below the activities held on 8th and 9th March 2015.

Inauguration and training:

The inauguration of the project was organized on occasion of Women’s Day on 8th March 2015 by Arogya Foundation of India at AdarshVidyaMandir, Jhadol to begin the awareness program in the area by lightening of the lamp the chief guest on this occasion was  Vice President AFI, Dr. Shiv Narayan Vayas along Dr. Harish Anand and Dr. Sarita Mittal  from  Delhi joined the occasion .

After inauguration Dr. Harishanand explained about the AFI and Chip foundation, USA .He explained  the objective and plan for the launch of program .Dr sarita Mittal explained about the survey from and health awareness and trained for filling the survey form. Dr. Sarita also emphasized the importance of health and hygiene in the life and also that keeping oneself cleanliness is not enough instead we should take care of our neighborhood as well,this alone can help keeping the society in good health that is one of the reason for launching this campaign for one year and periodic  survey would  record the progress made in this regard.  

In all 22Village Health sevaika and 25 workers were given training. President  SriBabuLalPurbiya  , Secretary Sri VirendrajiKedia and many other honorable members and  Citizens participated in the program. The program was coordinated by Sri RameshwarDayal.At the end the Arogysevika and other Ekal workers pledged to serve the community with full dedication and sincerity. Thanks was given by President Sri Babaulalji.

Progress report:

A medical camp was organized on 9th March 2015  in village Nayagaon of SanchJhadolAnchal Kendra  Udaipur. This is around 62 Km from the Udaipur city. The village has population of 700 . This is a tribal area having population  Bhil, Meena and  Rajput etc. Main crop of the area is wheat and corn etc. The land is hilly and not very fertile so area is economically backward. The area is historic as MaharanaPratap who has lead many fights against the Muslims in the 16th Century was born in area called Mewad . Udaipur is a very famous tourist destination and well connected by air, road and Rail network from Delhi and Mumbai.

ArogyaSevika Training Programme.

The training camp was inaugurated by Dr Harish Anand. (AFI Delhi), Dr. Karan Singh Mongra (AFI Udaipur) and Dr. S.N.Vyas (AFI Udaipur) by lamp lighting in front of Bharat Mata. Dr. Harish Anand explained the importance of Health awareness campaign to all.The training programme was attended by all ArogyaSonyojikas (30), ArogyaSevika (6) & 12 whole time worker i.e. 48 participants attended the programme.


Dr. K.S. Mongra provided training on Hygiene & Sanitation with importance of clean potable water. He emphasized on boiling drinking water. He also taught measures for prevention of common ailments, Importance of immunization.


Dr. S.N.Vyas elaborated the EkalAbhiyan, initiative in health care education and informed regard. ChikitsaSahayata Kendra opened in Udaypur dedicated for sevaks of family of Ekal workers & Villagers.


Sh. PrabhuLalAngari (BhagArogyaPramukh – Incharge) used regional language to highlight the importance of survey & collected the survey forms brought in by the ArogyaSanyojikas. The details are as follows.


Sh. RameshwarDayal, Area coordinator took session on survey form, monthly report, Bank account etc for improvement in quality of work.

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